Final Paper Confirmation  

In order to ensure the smooth publication, each author should keep in touch with conference secretary to submit the qualified paper and confirm the camera ready.


  • After registration, you need to submit your revised final paper to the conference mailbox:

  • The final paper should be with both doc and pdf version.

  • Paper should be revised by following the template and review comments.


After your successful payment, the paper will be sent to the editor who will devote to typesetting and proofreading. Before the camera ready deadline, you will receive the feedback for double check. The confirmation is very important before your paper publication. Once you make the confirmation, the article will no longer be allowed to be modified with any reason. Every author should clearly know this agreement and must check your final paper before publication. The check points are below.

  • The title information
  • The author(s) name(s) and order, affiliation(s) and mailbox
  • The corresponding author information
  • The content errors (grammar, mistyping etc) and completeness
  • The place of figures and tables and picture definition
  • The reference (each reference should be mentioned in text orderly)