Chengdu Travel 成都旅游

Chengdu is known as the "Heavenly State", filled with surprises, attractions and food. Spend 1 day to visit Chengdu highlights including temples, monastery and secret venues. Taste local snacks and the delicious food that all China raves about.
The tour will take you to know the ancient history and culture background of chengdu city. Highlights include Wuhou temple, Du Fu Cottage, Qingyang Daosim Temple, Wenshu Buddist Monastery. Today you still have a chance to taste the local Sichuan snacks and the delicious Wenshu Vegetarian food.

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Chengdu’s Giant Panda Base 成都大熊猫繁殖基地

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (or Chengdu Panda Base for short) specializes in baby pandas and their care.

It's one of the most popular destinations to see pandas. And it's a must-go place when you go to Chengdu. Chengdu Panda Base not only takes care of breeding pandas, but also focuses on providing interactive activities that teach people about pandas and their protection. Besides cute giant pandas, there are also red pandas, black swans, and peacocks in the base.

Sichuan Opera 川剧

Face-changing, spitting fire, shadow play, comedy, traditional music, etc.
There are several different local operas in China, while Sichuan Opera is quite special. Besides the singing, dancing and magic facial-mask, it is well known for its unique stunts, such as face-changing, spitting fire, rolling lights, etc.
There are different theatres in Chengdu for Sichuan Opera at night. Shufeng Yayun in Qintai Road is the best. This theatre is made of bamboo with traditional Chinese design. While enjoying the show, you can enjoy massage and beer. It is the exact leisurely life in Chengdu.

Wuhou Memorial Temple 武侯祠

The Wuhou Temple (The Temple of Marquis Wu) in Chengdu's south suburb is the most famous and influential of the temples dedicated to Zhuge Liang who lived from 181 until 234 AD.
He is one of China's famous historic figures, and he was a renowned minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei (161-223) of the Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period in China. The temple is also dedicated to Emperor Liu Bei.
It was built during the Qing dynasty in 1672. Because Zhuge Liang was granted the title of "Wuxiang Hou" (Marquis Wuxiang) in his lifetime, this temple is known as the Wuhou Memorial Temple. The temple is one of Chengdu's major attractions and contains numerous statues to Emperor Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and other officials of the Shu Kingdom, and there are ancient inscriptions and tablets that are famous in China.

Museum of Sichuan Cuisine 川菜博物馆

Chengdu's Sichuan Cuisine Museum is the first museum in the world to display and teach an original cooking culture. You can not only see the famous Sichuan food, but also smell it, taste it, and even cook it yourself.There are six main highlights and things to do in this museum. It will be a unique experience during your China tour.
1. Interactive Hall — Cook an Authentic Kung Pao Chicken Dish
2. Collection Hall — See Cooking Tools from a Thousand Years Ago
3. Traditional Crafts Display Area — Making Chili Bean Paste
4. Kitchen God Temple — See a Banquet Worshiping Ceremony
5. Old Sichuan Alley — Have Some Leisure Time
6. Tea House — Do as Sichuan People Do

The Leshan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a huge statue carved into the side of Lingyun Mountain. Taller by 17 meters than the standing Buddha in Afghanistan, the Leshan Giant Buddha is the tallest and largest Buddha in the world.
There is a local saying: "The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain". It was included by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage sites.The statue depicts a seated Maitreya Buddha with his hands resting on his knees and a smile on his face.
The Leshan Giant Buddha is about 71 meters high and 24 meters wide. The head is 14.7 meters long and 10 meters wide with 1,021 buns of hair on it. His smallest toenail can accommodate a seated person. Each ear is 7 meters long and his nose is 5.6 meters long. Each eyebrow is 5.5 meters long. The instep, which is 8.5 meters wide, can accommodate 100 people. The toe is large enough to accommodate a dining table.